I Need A Kitchen

Location South East England
Name Brasserie Bread, Alec Nayler
Telephone 07749 931730
Email artisticbreadmaker@gmail.com
Website brasseriebread.company
Additional Info I hold professional qualifications and am looking for any small place which has existing licences for food preparation.
My operation is simple and not complicated so there fore am looking for a sublet . I am a quiet, hardworking guy and have over 22 years of food preparation experience.
Posted On 09/10/17

Location South East England & South West England
Name Kate Mitchell
Telephone 07914 347271
Email onekatemitchell@googlemail.com
Additional Info I am starting a new business and require a kitchen for food preparation.  There will not be any cooking required.  I am in the Worthing area of West Sussex.  If you have a kitchen that isn't being fully utilised, then I would like to rent it for about half a day every two weeks.  I can work through the night if that is also a possibility.  Thank you.
Posted On 08/09/17