I Have A Kitchen

Location Greater London
Telephone 020 7867 3968
Email daisy@daisybrydoncreations.com
Website www.daisybrydoncreations.com
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We have a good sized, fully equipped kitchen for rent on a part-time and full time basis in North Acton/ Park Royal.

Our equipment includes:
- 4 shelved Blueseal turbo fan oven (It's a great oven, bakes evenly and very easy to use - bakes macarons beautifully)
- Trays
- 20L stand mixer
- 7.5L kitchen aid
- Mini hand blender
- Lots of utensils, mixing bowls, rolling pins etc
- Double sink
- Microwave
- Cake/ cupcake/ sheet cake tins
- Shelving
- Double door fridge with lots of space
- Work top freezer

The kitchen is serviced and benefits from 24 hour security with working CCTV, off street parking.
Just around the corner we have Makro, Bookers, Asda, Valimex as well as courier companies such as A to Z.

All inclusive pricing:

Long term use (minimum 3 months):
£12 per hour (£10 nights - 10pm-7am)

Short term use/ ad hoc:
£15 per hour (£12 nights - 10pm-7am)

Please do get in touch with any questions.

Best wishes,
Posted On 09/11/17