Essential Kitchen Knives for Catering

If you're setting up a catering business, you`ll have a great deal of equipment to buy. Whilst it`s relatively easy to pick out a dishwasher, sink and catering fridge, some pieces of equipment take a little bit more research. Kitchen knives are one of these essentials and it pays to spend a little time getting to know the market and trying out knives yourself to see which ones suit you best. There are a number of factors to bear in mind, particularly the balance between budget and quality.

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Industrial Catering Equipment in a Domestic Kitchen

When you think of industrial kitchen appliances you may imagine huge, difficult to use machines which use lots of space and electricity. However this is not the case as many appliances are designed for use in small cafes and restaurants where space saving and efficiency are essential to the smooth running of the business.

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Revival of Retro Sweet Gifts

Most people can probably remember a time when they were given money to take to the shop so they could fill a bag with sweets that cost a penny each. There cannot be much that evokes memories more than the taste and smell of the sweets you used to eat as a child. Even if you do not have the sweetest tooth as an adult, you would probably still find it hard to resist some of the sweets from your childhood.

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